Solsphere, The Future Of Digital Land Ownership

Ever wanted to show off your digital wealth in a 3d environment of your own? Shareable, Linkable, Built On Unity, Solsphere Is your Ticket To The Future Of Digital Land On The Solana Blockchain. 886 Plots Of First Generation Land Available Now By Owning A Solsphere : Solgem.

Solsphere P2E Metaverse

Why Are We Building Solsphere

Our economics and culture are moving into the digital space. Enter Solsphere, digital land ownership, investing channels, and a utility driven NFT P2E platform. Solsphere NFT originated from the idea that community will drive the economies of the future. In a world where digital remote working became normalized & monetary policy shifted Solsphere gives its NFT holders access to shareable plots of land to display digital assets and eventually earn from.

  • Shareable Via URL Solsphere gives land owners the ability to place and share digital assets in their wallets onto 3D land and show their "net worth" to others around the web.
  • Built On The Unity Game Engine Unity is one of the most robust engines with fast load times and resources to help expand features
  • Future Development as the ecosystem grows, features will be enabled, such as play to earn features as well as the ability to eventually control your very own ad or branding space within your plot of land.


Road Map

October 2021

Solsphere : SolGems Mint Oct 15th 2021

October 2021

Send 10% of gross mint to a commnity wallet dedicated for victims of future scams/ rug pulls in the Solana space. 30 days of 3D Gem Airdrops to Sol Gem holders. 75% of royalties back to Sol Gem holders in the form of liquidity for token.

October 2021 - Q1 2022

Build Solsphere Metaverse On Unity. With Solana wallet integration.

Q1 2022

Community SPL Token $SMETA Launch. Distribution To SolGem Holders. Snapshot Of Holders Taken In January 2021.

Q1 2022

Beta Launch Of Solsphere Land For All First Generation 886 Plots Of Land.

April To May 2022

Minting Of Land Elements Goes Live To SolGem Holders Only. 100% of funds raised go directly back to land holders in the form of $SMETA liquidity.

Q2 - Q4 2022

Add Additional Features. P2E accumulation & distribution. Adding more $SMETA liquidity. Potential for Second Generation Land Plots.

Plots Of First Generation Solsphere Land
$SMETA Total Supply
Solsphere Mintable Land Elements


Smart Contract API & Full Unity Integration

Solana Blockchain
Unity Game Engine
Solsphere 3D Application
$SMETA Community Token


Token Info

  • Token name:Solsphere Metacoin
  • Ticker Symbol:SMETA
  • Currency Symbol Image:Currency Symbol Image
  • Starting Price:TBD
  • Maximum SMETA produced:18 Billion
General description

SMETA is built on the basis of the Solana SPL platform and fully complies with SPL standards.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.


SMETA Token Distribution

SMETA Token Distribution
Allocation of funds

Total token fixed supply - 18 Billion

  • 25% Founders and Team
  • 5% Reserved Funding
  • 10% Future Expansion
  • 40% Distribute to OG SolGem Holders
  • 20% P2E & Staking


Frequently Asked Questions

The public mint is now closed for the first generation Solsphere : SolGems.  Each SolGem gives you access to one of 886 plots of land on the Solsphere Metaverse.  Each SolGem gives you access to first generation land and can be purchased on Magic Eden or Digital Eyes.

Solsphere land is shareable via a unique URL and can be placed onto your social media profiles.  Once owned, improvements can be placed upon the land in the form of land elements, billboards to showcase your NFTs and digital net worth, as well as eventual brand collaborations with your favorite brands.

The $SMETA token is the community token of Solsphere.  It can be used to conduct transactions for land elements, reward individual users, and will eventually include liquidity to add enterprise value to the entire Solsphere ecosystem.

The original 886 plots of land are tied directly to the 886 original SolGems minted during our initial NFT offering.  You MUST own the SolGem in order to own/edit the elements placed on the corresponding plot of land in Solsphere.  This will always be the case for first generation (886 plots) of Solsphere land.


Core Team


Ed’s background consists of SEO (search engine optimization), Software/ web development, and game production

“We like de juice”


Finance world with a background in Real Estate development and managing a friends & family crypto fund.

3D Modeler / Designer

justine - 3 years in 3d modeler/animator/digital artist, experience in both 2d and 3d animation

``loves to watch anime``

Java Developer

A Java Full Stack Developer with 4years of development experience, working experience as a Back End developer on a large bank in one of continents in Europe.

C++ Unity Developer

jomer - 4years of experience on software development on different programming language and environment.

`` bulig!``


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